About Us

        Here at Hobby Monsters®, we strive to provide our fellow hobby enthusiasts with a wide selection of items, all in one place. This makes finding what you want easy!

        We began our business venture in 2012 as Discount Learning SuppliesTM, LLC, providing educational supplies to teachers, students, and parents alike at discounted prices. Having been educators ourselves, we appreciated the importance of offering products that were both high-quality AND affordable!

        We quickly realized that our “learning supplies” were, in fact, very versatile and were being used outside of the classroom for gaming, crafting, playing, and all-around fun. In response, we expanded our product selection to include all of these specialties, and in 2017, we proudly became known as Hobby Monsters, LLC.

        Our goal is to meet your unique hobby needs with great values and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Let us help bring out the best Hobby Monster in you!